Having a residency at the lighthouse has been a great experience for me. I have found that having a space to write at each week has helped me be more productive. Being busy with a job and family, like most people, it can be difficult to etch out time for yourself to be creative. Knowing that each week I had somewhere to be gave me no excuses not to write.

You can’t ask for much more than having a writing desk in one of the cottages at the lighthouse, with views of the ocean and sounds of the sea. Walking past Nobbys Beach each week towards the lighthouse always put my mind into a good place, making it easy to be creative.

Having just finished my first novel, Dusk Travellers, the time at the lighthouse allowed me to start on my second book. I have managed to write 10 chapters of my new book and create a story plan for the novel. Being a first time writer and novice, it is great to talk to other people who are more experienced than myself. Everyone is so encouraging, as well as the great staff.

My friends and family have enjoyed hearing about the lighthouse. I have showed them lots of photos of my writing spot in the cottages.

Thanks again for this opportunity. It’s been awesome.