I have a passion for my hometown and a passion to paint. I am a full-time artist so when this opportunity presented  I just did not want to miss it. My paintings are all about Newcastle: its beaches, harbour, its lifestyle and its people.

It was a truly special opportunity to be able to spend a whole day in a place as significant and iconic as the lighthouse and to repeat that experience over 6 weeks. It has enriched my art passion, motivated my creativeness and I’ve been able to really “feel” what the lighthouse means to our town. Experiencing all sorts of weather also gave me an understanding of the challenges of our coastal location, our vulnerabilities and the beauty in weather extremes.

I have been able to produce an art work on every occasion I was present over the 6 weeks: drawings and watercolours, and I am still working on oil paintings inspired by my experience at the lighthouse.

I particularly loved the grey, rainy days when the seas were wild and the harbour was misty ghostlike. Then on the sunny days: clear skies, a calm breeze and the harbour was bustling. I have many inspirational photos for future paintings.

The hours flew and it was a treat to be surrounded by quiet.

I have nothing but praise for the program that Lighthouse Arts has provided and highly recommend this opportunity to anyone interested in taking up the inspiration that awaits you. Any creative mind will see this as a very special place.

Thank you Lighthouse Arts for creating this program. It’s a truly unique experience and one I’ll never forget.