House of Stories Exhibition

Terms and Conditions of Submissions

  1. Submission close on Friday 27 October 2023
  2. Entries from all levels of experience welcome.
  3. Entries from all art practices welcome.
  4. Writers are encouraged to submit for the exhibition. If you would like to discuss options to be involved please contact exhibitions [@]
  5. You can submit as many artworks as you like.
  6. Submissions are open to artists who have undertaken a residency at Lighthouse Arts. Artists who have not undertaken a residency at Lighthouse Arts are ineligible for consideration.
Artwork dimensions
  1. 2-Dimensional artworks must:
    • Measure less than 420 x 594 m (A2) inclusive of frames/display apparatus
    • Be hangable on a wall with d-rings attached, and
    • Weigh no more than 10 kgs.
    • Arrive at the exhibition space ready to be hung

If your work does not have a sufficient hanging mechanism to hold the work up for the duration of the exhibition the work will not be hung.

If required, Lighthouse Arts stock frames (if available) can be used upon agreement between Lighthouse Arts and the Artist. A list with details of stock frames is available on request.

  1. 3-Dimensional artworks must weigh no more than 10kg and measure less than 80cm in any direction.
  2. Installation works will not be accepted.
  3. Hunter Writers’ Centre and Lighthouse Arts will not accept content that is obscene in any way, pornographic, indecent, inflammatory, defamatory, or racist to any person or group of people.
  4. Priority will be given to applicants who have not previously exhibited at Lighthouse Arts.
  5. The artwork statements are to be used for selection contention only and will not be displayed in the exhibition. Statements may be used for media purposes.
  6. It is the Artist’s responsibility to ensure their artwork does not infringe on copyright.
  7. Artworks must be the original work of the Artist.
Selection of Works
  1. The selection of works is at the discretion of the Lighthouse Arts selection committee, and the decision made by the selection committee is final. No correspondence will be entered into with either the selection committee, staff or the board of Hunter Writers’ Centre.
Delivery of Artworks
  1. Artworks can be delivered in person between 11am and 3pm from Monday 27 November until Sunday 3 December 2023. Please note, there is no vehicle access to the Nobbys-Whibayganba headland. Information about access to Lighthouse Arts can be found here: FAQs – Lighthouse Arts. Please contact exhibitions [@] if you have any access requirements.
  2. Artworks can be delivered by post between 27 November – 1 December 2023. Please deliver artwork to: House of Stories exhibition c/- Hunter Writers’ Centre, PO Box 494, The Junction, NSW, 2291
  3. Due to storage requirement, artworks will not be received outside of these dates.
  4. Works received outside of these dates will not be included in the exhibition.
  5. Delivery costs are at the expense of the artist.
  6. All artworks must arrive at the exhibition space ready to hang.
Collection of Artworks
  1. After 30 days after the exhibitions closes, any uncollected artwork will be considered a donation to the Hunter Writers’ Centre ongoing fundraising efforts.
Collection of Artworks for Local Artists
  1. Unsold artwork must occur between 11am – 3pm on Saturday 10 February and Sunday 11 February 2024.
Collection of Artworks for Interstate / Non-Local Artists
  1. Unsold artwork by interstate and non-local artists can be returned by courier at the artists expense to a nominated address.
  2. Due to the volume of works, this may take up to 30 days to return.
  3. Courier is the only method of artwork return for interstate and non-local artists
  4. At the close of the exhibition, Hunter Writers’ Centre will obtain a quote for delivery and invoice the artist for the expense. A courier will be booked only when the invoice has been paid.
  5. Artworks which are being returned by courier must be delivered to the exhibition in packaging clearly marked with your name and return address. The packaging will be reused when returned via courier.
Artwork Sales
  1. Artists selected for exhibition can determine if their artwork will be for sale during the exhibition.
  2. Artists are responsible for determining the price of their artwork.
  3. The sale price of the artwork must be clearly written or labelled on the back of the artwork, along with the Artist’s name and title of the work. Unlabelled work may not be exhibited at the discretion of the Hunter Writers’ Centre.
  4. Hunter Writers’ Centre will handle any sales during the exhibition and will apply a 30% commission (+ GST) on all artwork sales.
  5. In the event of a sale, the email address supplied on your entry form will be used to send you a form for payment of sales.
  1. While all care is taken to ensure safety of artwork, in line with best industry practice, Hunter Writers’ Centre takes no responsibility for theft, loss or damage of artwork. Artists are encouraged to insure their work if they are concerned.
  2. Hunter Writers’ Centre reserves the right to cancel any entries or not display work that is in breach of any of the Terms and Conditions.