I tend to respond to the natural environment in art, perhaps because I need more nature generally. I do this by going bush and drawing quick, loose mixed media works on paper. I may develop these later or I’m satisfied by the process in itself. I also paint the Angophora (Sydney red gum) trees that I grew up with. They feel a part of me and my deeper sense of place.

The residency through Lighthouse Arts, Newcastle was absolutely amazing. That place has SO much going on – writers with their heads down, artists wandering around and capturing the environment – the boats, the ocean, the lighthouse. There are the military planes above (occasionally), the 250 million year old rock below (constantly). There is a 360 degree view of Newcastle and well beyond.

I have collected images, lights, impressions, connections that I will continue to explore well past the residency. Personally, I just feel so lucky and grateful to have been able to go there in the name of art.