Karen Whitelaw's blog post photo showing writing desk and view out window over harbour

Karen Whitelaw


Writing is, in the main, a solitary pursuit. While a Lighthouse Arts residency gives the artists a quiet separate studio it also provides the invaluable opportunity to be part of a strong supportive creative community. Writing at the Lighthouse felt like being cossetted under a warm doona and at the same time floating free in the universe. Like the best meditations, where everything, even opposites, exists in the same moment.

Time works like that at Lighthouse Arts. It’s in the layers of rock that make up the tuff the lighthouse sits on. In the name Whibyganba and the Awabakal dreamtime stories. In the convict-built breakwater, and in the lamp that still warns sailors of the dangerous rocks. In the ships’ horns that resound against the city. Time overlaps and merges and that, for me, is the magic of this place. It’s just one of the unexpected and exciting influences on my work that I brought back from my residency.