logo of Lighthouse Arts shows a drawing of Nobbys Lighthouse built 1858 within a circle and the words Lighthouse Arts Newcastle

Local at the Lighthouse

Cottage 2 is available for live events, eg. readings, music, performances,  presentations and talks.
Priority will be given to: 

  • Events that align with the mission and purpose of Lighthouse Arts
  • Arts and Cultural events and activities
  • Individuals, organisations, initiatives from Newcastle LGA
  • Inclusive events and activities
  • Not-for-profit / charity initiatives

Please note: 

  • Events must be held on Saturday between 10am – 3pm.
  • No private events; not large scale ongoing events. Emphasis on small events.
  • This is an isolated site and vehicular access is very limited. It is not suitable to dance or movement performing arts. It is more suitable to music or small activities.
  • Alcohol is not permitted on the site.
  • You must agree to our terms and conditions (available when you book).
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