Taking time out for writing, away from the busy world of work and family, seemed like an impossible dream for me, until I had the opportunity to spend one day a week for six weeks as Artist in Residence with Lighthouse Arts at Nobby’s-Whibayganba.

My world began to slow, my mind began to clear, and my senses came to life. The magic of isolation, history, and everything that Whibayganba brings, began to flow through me, opening channels for inspired creativity. My writing was influenced by all the elements, from wild stormy weather and tumultuous seas to sunlit dreamy days. I soaked up whatever mother nature offered.

If it weren’t for the experience of taking the time to truly pay attention to the world from my window – the imposing red ship, the floating debris in the harbour, the way people walk or run or roll along the break wall – my stories would lack the value added by detail, not to mention the power of metaphors.

Thank you, Lighthouse Arts. I feel privileged and grateful to be fortunate enough to have this experience. I plan to do it again sometime in the future. I would thoroughly recommend Lighthouse Arts to all artists. Whibayganba is a special place to create.