While my initial intention had been to spend my time in the Lighthouse writing, I decided in the end to focus on illustration during my stay, my Ipad Pro being lightweight and easy to transport. I’ve worked with computer technology to produce much of my creativity since computers first started to impact the animation industry in the early 80s. For the past 15 years my illustration has all been digitally created and in the past two years my Ipad has become the tool of choice.
When first taking my place at my desk, I was struck by how spartan the environment was. I sat down, looked out the window, then within five minutes found that I was drawing. It’s hard to convey just how peaceful the setting is, and the emptiness of the spaces leaves you feeling that all there is, in that moment, is you, your work, and the serenity of the environment.
On the second trip up the hill, I attempted completion of a drawing I’d started a few days earlier, celebrating how the previous weekend’s election had seen Ben Chifley’s light on the hill reignited. The end result is the most gratifying piece of work I’ve produced in years.
I found my residency a deeply meditative experience, one that freed me from distractions in a way I’ve never before experienced. Knowing what I know now, I hope the opportunity to spend time in the extraordinary creative space that is Lighthouse Arts will one day present itself again.
I take my hat off to those responsible for making this unique initiative a reality, and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.