6 days at Lighthouse Arts.
Walking out the lighthouse with the prospect of spending an entire day there is a different experience. Usually I walk past, out to the seawall or occasionally up the hill and back down to take in the view. The chance to watch days progress from a vantage point that is the local landmark of Nobbys-Whibayganba was unique. And to get blown around by the ever-present wind. Added to this, the particular light around the water and the beach is always an attraction, no matter the weather.

Vantage point is the key to the lighthouse – that’s why it is there, to be seen by shipping. Shipping is one of the the themes of the lighthouse space; ships move around it on nearly every point of the compass, and occupied a significant part of my work there. I realised that like other recent work in the area, the tides play a big part in the life of the harbour, and working these together came from this common influence.