logo of Lighthouse Arts shows a drawing of Nobbys Lighthouse built 1858 within a circle and the words Lighthouse Arts Newcastle


We welcome volunteers for front-of-house and
back-of-house assistance.
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Lighthouse Arts is brought to you by Hunter Writers Centre – a registered charity and the peak literary hub in the Hunter region, NSW. Your donation is tax deductible.

With your help, Lighthouse Arts can continue to support creative practitioners at Nobbys-Whibayganba by providing:

– a wet-area studio space
– fans and heaters to keep our creatives comfortable and productive
– a mixing desk and electronic drum kit for our music studio
– master classes and live events for our creatives
– frames for artists to display their work

Help us create the best environment and continue to deliver opportunities to our arts community.

Either click the ‘Donate Now’ button or if you wish to donate directly to our bank account, email us lighthousearts@hunterwriterscentre.org